Thursday, February 5, 2009

Always Thinking about the Paper

Even though the February issue of the paper just came out this week, I'm already working on the March issue.

I've found that I'm always in "paper" mode--thinking about what to put in the next issue, reading the paper, internet, magazines, etc., with the paper in mind, even listening to the radio and thinking about things that readers would enjoy. Whenever I get an idea or hear something I want to do more research on, I write it down--sometimes on a sticky note, sometimes on the back of a receipt, sometimes on whatever scrap of paper I can find.

I have also gotten into the habit of immediately tearing out articles or blurbs in the paper or magazines; if I wait until "later" it's inevitable that I either won't remember what it is I wanted to tear out, or, will remember what I wanted to tear out but won't be able to find the paper or magazine.

As a result of all of this tearing and jotting down, when I get home from work or doing errands I usually find sticky notes or scraps of paper in my pocket or purse. I often find more when I clean off my desk I find them too. Sometimes I have trouble remembering just why I wrote down a few words or a website, but when I put them in the context of the paper I usually remember.

I really enjoy having a "mission" that I'm always thinking about, even if just subconsciously. I truly feel it's a calling, something that God has led me to do . . . I am blessed to be able to do what I love!

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