Monday, May 30, 2011

Behind the Scenes at the Wayne Herald--How the Nebraska Family Times is Printed

I'm always interested in what goes on "behind the scenes." In May, Tracy (who writes for the paper and helps me deliver it sometimes) and I got to the Wayne Herald while the paper was still being printed. Al Pippitt, the Press Foreman who has worked for the Wayne Herald for 35 years, showed us how he made plates (like negatives) of each page of the paper and inserted them in the press so the paper could be printed. He made adjustments on the press throughout the process to make the words darker, lighter, or clearer. On one end of the press was a large roll of blank newsprint, and as the paper went through the pages were printed. It was fascinating to watch the paper get printed, cut, and folded. Here are some photos of the process. Thanks, Al, for showing us the press and answering all of our questions! 
The paper "starts" at the far end of the press and is completed by the time it gets to the closest part of the press.

Al Pippitt sets up one of the page plates.

A partially printed page--a colored page--goes through the press.

A partially printed page.