Monday, November 30, 2009

December Issue

As I did research to find the “perfect” article for the front page of the paper, I found an article by Alan Sears, titled “It’s OK to say ‘Merry Christmas,’ Charlie Brown." It was interesting to read how the producer of the feature “A Charlie Brown Christmas” warned Charles Schultz that if he left the scene featuring Linus reading the Christmas story, Charlie Brown would be ruined. Schultz, however, stuck to his beliefs and today “A Charlie Brown Christmas” remains one of the highest rated programs on network television when it airs.

Do you think you know a lot about Christmas? Take the “Christmas IQ Quiz” and find out. You’ll also find several articles about starting new Christmas traditions, and questions to ask at Christmas gatherings, to stimulate conversation and gain a deeper understanding of how others see Christmas.

If you missed the December issue of the Nebraska Family Times but would like to receive a copy, call and inquire. A limited number of copies are available at no charge.