Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Sixteen years ago today, we were blessed with the birth of our dear daughter, Morgan. At the time I never could have imagined what a fine young lady she would become. We celebrated with lunch out with gramma, and supper later with the whole family.

Because of the snow, today is the first day we’ve been anywhere but between our house and the ranch, for 5 days. The snow drifts are amazing!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all Nebraska Family Times subscribers, sponsors, advertisers, and readers! We are snowed in so will be celebrating the birth of Jesus at home. I think a lot of others are doing the same thing.

May God bless you and your families!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"The Revolution" Perfrms Dramatization in Florida

"The Revolution” Performs Dramatization in Florida
by Shelly Burke, Editor

(this article appeared in the December issue of the Nebraska Family Times)

A Columbus group from the Center of Survivors recently had the opportunity to share their ideas for preventing teen dating violence to a group of adults from around the nation.

Abbie Tessendorf and Erin Nahorny are leaders of The Revolution group, which works to inform teens about dating violence and sexual assault. They, along with seven teenagers, (Aaron Adams, Lauren Wright, Omar Rodriguez, Elizabeth Bartels, Bryanna Hammons, Katie Rodriguez, and Tayler Bock), recently attended the National Conference on Sexual Assault in our School in Orlando, Florida. While they were at the conference they performed a dramatization called “Boiling Point.”

The 20 minute dramatizations in “Boiling Point” show unhealthy teen relationships. After the dramas the kids stayed in character and answered audience questions from their character’s point of view. They also stayed in character to educate the audience about teen sexual assault and violence. Tayler Bock then presented a slide show that he had created, set to music and also relating to the topics of teen dating violence.

According to Tessendorf, the purpose of the trip to Florida was to ”Show other leaders what we do—peer education to prevent dating violence--so they can take the idea back to their organization. Many people asked for more information about developing their own program. Kids listen so much better to other kids, so when kids educate through a dramatization, slide show, and questions and answers, it really makes an impact on those kids who are watching.”

“Boiling Point” is one of the only programs depicting teen violence that goes into high schools, and has been presented at many area schools. The audience is informed that the dramatization is realistic and contains simulated violence and profanity.

The “Boiling Point” script is now retired, and a new one is being written. Tessendorf said the script is re-written every few years to keep it fresh for area audiences. ”We have made many referrals after presenting the dramatization in area schools. Kids come up to us after the dramatization, crying, because they, or a friend or sibling have been affected by dating violence. We help the kids in the audience—whether they’re perpetrators of violence, victims, or friends—know what they can and should do. We make an impact.”
Presentations are free to schools in the Center for Survivor’s service area. If you are interested in a presentation at your school or for your group, call Abbie Tessendorf at (402) 564-2155. The Center for Survivors is located at: 3103 13th StreetColumbus, NE 68602. Call toll-free 800-658-4482 or e-mail for more information.

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Until I am able to regularly update the website, I will be reprinted selected articles on this blog. It won’t be quite as easy to find the articles, and they won’t be as easily accessible, but it will give you access to at least some of the articles in the newspaper.

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