Sponsors--Omaha, Lincoln, York

THANKS to our Sponsors!

We are thankful for sponsors who make the Nebraska Family Times available at their place of business or worship. These sponsorships are paid for by the business or church, or by generous donors. Thanks to these sponsors and donors, the Nebraska Family Times is available at no charge at these locations! Please patronize these places of business, and thank them for making the Nebraska Family Times available! If you would like to sponsor the paper at your place of business, or donate a sponsorship, please call (402) 993-2467 or e-mail shelly@shellyburke.net.

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Dr. Roger Curry, DDS
5440 S. 108th St.

*Teckmeyer Financial
Tom Teckmeyer
11104 John Galt Blvd.

Don’s TBA Service
7005 Maple St.

Empty Tomb Ministries
Box 27715

Farm House CafĂ©’
3461 S. 84th St.

*Hinze Chiropractic/Acupuncture
Dr. Eric Hinze
16919 Audry St. #130

*Kosak Chiropractic
Drs. Heidi and Kevin Kosak
14450 Eagle Run Drive #150

Grace University

Dr. James B. Lewer, DDS, ND
2420 S. 73rd. St. Suite 300

Mackey Elevator
4610 Chandler

Maurstad Dentistry
621 N. 114th

David and Nicole Millon

RWR Innovations
Papillion, NE
(402) 592-9199

Southside Auto Import, Inc.
4952 S. 36th Ave.

Tranquility Park Dental
Lannie Weak Jr., DD
12322 Emmet St.

Dennis D. Weiss, DDS
11414 Ctr. Rd. Suite 334


Hofker Automotive
4800 N. 56th St.

Metzger’s Auto Service
3730 Cornhusker Hwy.


Charlie’s U-Save Pharmacy
2029 Lincoln Ave.

Epworth Village
PO Box 303
York, NE 68647
(402) 362-3353

Faller Landscape, Inc.
1502 Road “M”

The True Vine
121 E. 6th. St.

123 S. Blackburn

Penner’s Tire and Auto
903 Lincoln Ave.

Church of Christ
2029 Lincoln Ave.