Friday, February 19, 2010

Starting on the March Issue

It’s always fun to get a start on the next issue of the Nebraska Family Times. I usually start about 4 or 5 days before I want to have everything submitted to Jennifer, the lady who lays out the articles, advertisements, and so on, before the paper is printed. I want the articles and information in the paper to be current, yet want to have time to study resources, follow links, and pick out what I feel are the best articles. I ask God to lead me to those articles and help me know when I’ve found them—articles to inspire, encourage, and motivate readers.

As I do research and read articles, I’m very picky. J I don’t want the articles to be too long, and they must contain information that readers can put to use easily. I especially like articles that encourage readers to take action—action to help others, improve their own lives (in areas of parenting, marriage, finances, and/or spiritually), or just add some fun to their lives.

Sometimes it seems I read many articles before I find a “keeper”—one that’s good enough for the paper. When I do find an article that’s “right,” I have a feeling of excitement—I know that the article will resonate with the needs of readers. It’s a great feeling!

Some months, the articles that are the biggest challenge are those to put on the front page. The paper is in many waiting rooms, business and bank lobbies, and restaurants around the state—locations where people who don’t have a relationship with God may see it. Of course I want the headlines to appeal to regular readers, but I also want to catch the eye of those who might not have a relationship with God…but with a catchy title or graphic on the front page, might pick up the paper and learn more about God.

I just started on the paper today; I plan to have all the articles to Jennifer by next Tues. or Wed., Feb. 23 or 24. It was nice to get a start ahead of time. As I was reading through possible articles, I was happy to find several articles that are appropriate front-page material! Some months it takes hours to find good articles for the front page, so it was really nice to find them so quickly. I’ll read them several times over the weekend, and see what other articles I find for inside the paper, before I decide on the front page articles.

I look forward to hearing what YOU think of the front page articles, and any articles that appear in the paper. Please call (402) 993-2467, E-mail, or write Nebraska Family Times, 42887 G. G. Road, Genoa, NE 68640 and let me know what you like, or don’t like about the paper, and any suggestions you have for making it better.