Thursday, September 25, 2014

October Issue!

The October issue of the "Nebraska Family Times" is on the stands of sponsors in Norfolk and Columbus, and will be mailed to subscribers and sponsors outside of the Columbus/Norfolk area, today!

I was blessed to get permission to reprint some great articles in this issue, including:

  • "Why I would Never Force My Kids to Go to Church" (WARNING: this article contains sarcasm!) 
  • "Secret Ingredient"  and a recipe for "Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies" by Columbus, NE author Deb Burma
  • "My Pet Rat and God's Desire for Relationship with Us" by another Nebraska author,
    Janet Schroeder
  • "Hey God, It's Me..." by Nebraska author Tracy Buzynski
  • "Set Your Spending Priorities or Someone Else Will" 
  • Specific articles of interest to Nebraskans, "Parents: Know the New Attendance Laws and be Proactive", "Every Woman Matters Program which provides Women with Breast Exams, Mammograms, and Other Health Check-ups", "Horse Racing Measure Stumbles"and "National Right to Life Endorses Ben Sasse in Nebraska Senate Race"
  • and regular features, "A Retired Preacher's View from the Pew", "Ask the Expert" (this month, expert Lisa Rosendahl answers the question "What Makes Good Art?"), "Wise Words then and Now", and "The Bible Quiz." 
For a FREE sample copy of the October issue, e-mail with your address, or call (402) 750-3496.