Sunday, October 19, 2008

Computer Accounting Work

When I took over the paper from Vyckie, she gave me the program she had been using for doing the accounting. She also gave me an update for the program. For technical reasons I'm going to have to get all of the information from her program and then re-enter it on the updated program that she gave me (don't ask me to explain it . . . the technician on the phone explained it to me but I don't have the technical knowledge to explain it to anyone else!).

I'm about a third of the way done with getting the information off of the old program. It has actually been a good thing to do as I'm learning about all of the sponsors and advertisers. I've also been reading the book about the new program, so hopefully entering the information and using the program won't be too hard.

One of the reasons I really enjoy publishing the paper is that every week is different! No two days are the same. This week I'm going to focus on the computer bookkeeping aspect of it, as well as start to research and collect articles for the next issue--the deadline is already approaching! Just when I'm getting a little tired of doing one thing (whether it's doing research, preparing the mailing, billing, or paperwork), it's time for the next thing.

It's the Little Things that Count

I was listening to the radio today, and heard a pastor who shared some important thoughts. I don't know his name, but love his Australian accent! His main point was this: Live as to be missed when you're gone. And he meant missed in a good way!

He pointed out the fact that we don't have to do "big" things to be important or to make an impact on someone. He said that we are doing God's work when we use kind words, make quick calls, and write short notes.

I don't know about you, but I often think that what I do doesn't "matter" unless it impacts many people, or is newsworthy. I forget (as I think we all do) that the little things matter--a note of encouragement to someone who is going through a hard time, a call to a lonely friend or relative, just to say "Hi! How are you doing? I'm thinking of you!", a plate of cookies for people who are working hard--even if you bought the dough already made and just had to scoop it out and bake it.

I don't know why I'm surprised that these little gestures matter--my day is brightened by a simple e-mail from a friend, or even a smile from a stranger during a bad day. Last week one day I talked to both of my sisters AND my mom--all on the same day! It was the best day of the week. I don't remember what we talked about, but it made my day to talk to all of them.

One of my goals this week is to brighten someone's day, every day, with a small gesture. I know that by brightening someone else's day, I'll also brighten my own day. And hopefully . . . I will be missed when I'm gone.