Friday, August 22, 2014

Another Sneak Peek! 

Today Jennifer did the paper layout, which I just got done proofreading. I am so excited about "new updated look" of the Nebraska Family Times, I've decided to give you another sneak peek! 

I consider publishing the NFT as a mission as well as something I love to do, and I am so blessed to be able to use the talents God gave me doing something I love! I want everyone to know His love, to feel His peace, and I pray that the NFT will be part of that.  

I try to print articles that give a unique view of some aspect
The front and back page of the NFT; this is how they look when
they're laid out on the computer. Do you like the new title look? 
of Christian living, and I'm excited about several articles this month, including "11 Differences  Between a College Football Fan and a Church Member" and "6 Things Jesus Didn't Die For." My article this month is titled "The Teacher Was Not Silent During My Test," and was inspired by the popular Facebook graphic that says, "If you don't hear from God during hard times, remember the Teacher is always silent during a test." (Obviously, I strongly disagree!) 

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