Friday, March 8, 2013

"Stepping Out to a Life on the Edge"

by Shelly Burke, Editor

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Thank you Mr. Mailman, for bringing the package to ME this morning! It contained the book I've been waiting for--my good friend, Deb Burma's book, Stepping Out to a Life on the Edge"! I was honored when Deb asked me to do some editing and proofreading of the book this fall (and, evidence of God's great timing, her request came at a time in my life where I really needed something like that to keep me busy and remind me of the love Christ has for me). 

Stepping Out is based on Deb's keynote talk at the 2011 Lutheran Women's Missionary League national conference. Deb's message throughout Stepping Out encourages each of us to--with the help of God--step out of the things in our lives that are holding us back from the life Jesus has in mind for us. 

Twelve chapters comprehensively address so many of the issues women face. Some of my favorite chapters include: 
  • Stepping Out of My Fear to a Life of Courage
  • Stepping out of My Worries to a Life of Trust (I can so relate to my worries about my kids in one of my favorite lines in the book--favorite because it hits so close to home--Deb writes, "I worry that my teenage children will get in some kind of accident as I fret over their safety: "Honey, don't chew gum while walking. What if you trip? You'll choke!")
  • Stepping Out of my Judgmental Attitude to a Life of Grace
  • Stepping Out of my Hurried Lifestyle to a Life of Balance and Peace
  • And eight more chapters addressing My Past, My Insecurity, My Need to Please, My Material Mind-set, My Pride and Selfish Ambition, My Bitterness and Anger, and My Comfort Zone.
    Chapter Twelve wraps it all up with Stepping Out to a Life on the Edge. 
Deb uses "real life" stories from "real life" women to illustrate how we are held back by our pride, fears, anger and bitterness, and so much more. Then she reassures readers, through God's Word, that we can step out of our comfort zones and into what He has in mind for us to do while we're serving Him here on earth. 

I am so excited to read Deb's words in book form (rather than in printed-off-of-email form) and be encouraged and reassured and motivated as I was last fall! I'm not QUITE done cleaning...but done enough for this afternoon...I'm putting up my "Do Not Disturb" sign and reading! 

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