Thursday, April 1, 2010

Editor's Letter April 2010

Spring is springing!
I was so happy to get in the vehicle this morning and have to look for my sunglasses; it seems the sun hasn’t been out for a long time. Although things are brown right now, soon we’ll be seeing green (and I have a friendly bet with my mother-in-law that we will see one more snow before winter is completely gone…but snow in April will not last long). What a joy to see God’s hand in the re-birth of the earth every spring and be reminded on Easter of our ultimate re-birth in Heaven.

Speaking of birth…one of our donkeys had a baby! His name is Stormy, and he was the first donkey ever born on the ranch. He’s doing well and we think another of the donkeys might be pregnant, so another donkey baby may be arriving soon.

Another sign of spring is the arrival of cows and their calves in “my” pasture—the pasture right outside of our house. It’s so fun to look out the window and see the cows and their babies running around. About 100 calves have been born, and there are about 100 left to be born.

On a sad note, my Grandpa, Edward Geil, died in this world and was born into heaven on March 11th. Our sadness for our loss is mixed with joy for his gain; he believed in Christ and had been looking forward to joining Grandma, who died in 2002, in heaven. We know he is in heaven, out of pain, with her and with Jesus…and we know that we will see both Grandma and Grandpa again. All who knew Grandpa were blessed to know him. His faith showed in all he said and did and I will never forget his encouragement and love.

Two hours after we got home from the funeral, Morgan was doing chores and got hit in the head with a gate, so we visited the Emergency Room for stitches. We are so thankful her injury wasn’t worse! The stitches are already out and she’s rather proud of her “battle scar.” Cody has been counting the days until graduation…the spring is just flying by with cattle shows, calving, and enjoying being outside.

I hope you enjoy this issue of the paper! Since I’m working on “spring cleaning” (in preparation for Cody’s upcoming graduation party), I’ve included hints and tips for organizing and cleaning, along with a review of my favorite housekeeping/organization book.

I’ve also printed an article about giving to charity when you’re on a tight budget (“Charity on a Shoestring”) and “Talking About Healthy Relationships” (with your kids). I hope that “Celebrating Mother’s Day Without Mother” will be comforting and encouraging to readers who are doing just that. If you find an article that would be perfect for a friend, please consider cutting it out and sharing it. If you don’t want to cut up your issue of the paper, contact me and I’ll send them a complimentary copy with a note that indicates the article that may be of interest.

Please let me know what articles and features you enjoy, and what topics you’d like to see more of. You can reach me at (402) 750-3496 or (402) 993-2467, or by e-mail at I enjoy hearing from readers!

God bless you and your families as you celebrate Easter and enjoy spring!