Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Blogging from A to Z Challenge
Communicating with God
 By Shelly Burke

“O Lord, I call to You; hasten to me! Give ear to my voice when I call to You!” Psalm 141:1

When I want to communicate with friends or for business, I turn on my computer. After it gets all warmed up (it’s an old computer so takes a few minutes) I click on the e-mail program, enter my password, click a few more buttons and finally get my messages.

When I want to communicate the “old fashioned” way, I write a letter, address it (sometimes a time-consuming process if I can’t find my address book), stamp it and take it to the post office.

Communicating by phone is easier—as long as I have enough bars and am in close proximity to a cell tower (we live in a rural area where coverage can be spotty)—hit a few buttons (or just one if the person is on speed dial), get connected and hope the call isn’t “lost”.

After a day of frustrating communication attempts, I’m so thankful that I can talk to God in the most old-fashioned way of all—through prayer.
  •  No passwords to remember.
  • He is always “in range.”
  • He never drops my call!
  • His battery is always full—and He can recharge me!
  • I never go over my minutes with Him.
  • He is ALWAYS on speed dial—but I don’t have to remember a number or even press one button.
  • I don’t need an envelope, address, or stamp.
  • My prayers are never lost or returned for more postage.

 Lord, I thank you so very much that all I have to do to talk to You is…talk to You. I don’t even need the “right” words…if I don’t have them, You will give them to me.

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