Friday, April 10, 2015

A to Z Blogging..."I is for..."

From the series "Words Matter"
by Shelly Burke, RN, Author, and Publisher, Nebraska Family Times

Whether it’s a group or organization you belong to, a hobby you enjoy, or something you believe in, it is hurtful (and annoying!) when someone criticizes, laughs at, or insults something important to you. Use these responses to express your feelings. 

What to Say

  • “That might be the case in another group, but it is not true of our group!”
  • “Why do you feel that way about my hobby?”
  • “What makes you say that?” (perhaps you can correct the person’s misperceptions). 
  • “That’s a very hurtful thing to say about something that is so important to me.”

What Not to Say

  • “You don’t know what you’re talking about.” 
  • “You’re pretty dumb if you don’t want to be part of my group.”

What to Do

  • Ask the person why she said what she did; maybe she heard
    false information, or if she’s criticizing a group, perhaps she had a bad experience with the group. If this is the case, politely correct the misconceptions. 
  • Invite the person to a meeting of your group. 
  • Educate the person about your hobby. 
  • Be a positive example of your group. 
  • Give a personal account of your own experience to show why it is important/significant to you.

Don’t . . . 

  • . . . try to convince someone you are correct by over-reacting or returning an insult.

How do you reply when someone insults you? 
This post is an excerpt from “What Should I Say? The Right (and Wrong!) Words and Deeds for Life’s Sticky, Tricky Uncomfortable Situations”
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