Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Editor's Letter

BRRRR! I’m looking outside at snow and I’m glad I am inside right now. Thankfully we haven’t had as severe a winter as last year, but winter is definitely hitting our part of Nebraska.

Our year is off to a great start!

Cody had a great first semester at college! It was nice to have him home for a few weeks for Christmas vacation. He’s excited to start his second semester, and looking forward to a trip to China in May. Morgan also had a great first semester and is also looking forward to the second semester and continuing to work on the yearbook and school newspaper. Soon she and Tim will be up during the night when the cows start calving (I have not “learned” how to do night checks).

We’re celebrating the birth of a new niece/cousin, Leighton Lynn Edwards. I got to meet Leighton when she was just a few days old. A new baby is truly a miracle! To think that just a few days before I met her, she was in her mother’s womb, totally dependent on Becky…and immediately upon being born her body had to change so she could eat and breathe on her own…Mom and dad were visiting Leighton (and her big sister Logan and their mom and dad) when I was there and it was nice to see them, too.

In the Editor’s Letter last month I told you how I would use the Bible verses of Philippians 4:6-9 as my guide for the year. The verse is on the bulletin board in my office above my desk, so I see it every day as I work. The verse is printed in the paper again this month so you can cut it out if you missed the opportunity to do so last month.

I hope you enjoy several new features in the Nebraska Family Times.

Share the fun events in your family by taking out a Happy Ad! See sample Happy Ads, and information about taking out your own Happy Ad, in this issue of the paper.

I have always been awed by how I can use the wise words of the Bible, written thousands of years ago, to guide my life today. I’ve been studying United States history and I’ve been amazed at how the words of the Founding Fathers also apply to our lives, and issues in our country, today. To that end I’ll be choosing several Wise Words then and Now and printing them every month. I think you’ll enjoy what the Founding Fathers had to say—the more I learn about United States history the more I want to learn!

Recent events led me to publish the Focus on Youth section, with information about cyberbullying and youth violence. By learning about these issues, you can make a difference. Please share the articles with friends, parents, teachers, and anyone else you think could learn from them.

What would YOU like to see covered in the Nebraska Family Times? I’m continually trying to improve the paper so that it “inspires, encourages, and motivates you in your Christian walk.” Please share your ideas with me at shelly@shellyburke.net, by mail at Nebraska Family Times, 42887 G. G. Road, Genoa, NE, 68640. You can also call and talk to me personally at (402) 993-2467.

God bless you and your family this February! Keep warm!