Wednesday, August 5, 2009

20th Anniversary

Tim and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary today!

We were hoping to spend the day at the zoo with Cody and Morgan, and stay overnight in Omaha, but our plans just didn’t work out. Instead we went to Grand Island shopping with Morgan. I should say, Morgan shopped, and Tim and I browsed and sat and talked. It was nice to spend time with Tim without the phone or laundry or anything else that, at home, seems to interrupt us.

When I look back, I see the many blessings God has given us throughout our marriage. After our faith, we of course consider Cody and Morgan our greatest blessings! We also have achieved our dream of living at the ranch, where Tim and Cody and Morgan have their cattle and Morgan has her sheep. We are each blessed with our own businesses, and each other.

I’m not much for trying to imagine where I’ll be in five, or ten, or 20 years, so I never had a picture of where we’d be on our 20th anniversary, and I don’t have a picture of where we’ll be five, or ten, or 20 years from now. What I know is that Tim and I have been blessed by God in our years together!