Thursday, October 4, 2012

Living Water Rescue Mission completes Ladies and Families Phase

By Shelly Burke, Editor

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The Living Water Rescue Mission (LWRM) in York, Nebraska, recently completed the Ladies and Families Phase. As of July 26th, the LWRM has the capacity to provide overnight facilities for up to six women, five single women and their infants, and six family members (couples must be married) in addition to the men’s overnight guest dorm.  

Chaplain Dave Martell, Associate Director,  continues to look ahead. “The construction is done, but the most important task—ministry—lies ahead.”  When the LWRM was built there were questions as to whether there was a need for a Gospel rescue mission in this rural area. The LWRM has been open for sixteen months and Martell reports, “The men’s overnight guest dorm has been running at full capacity for monthsSince the Ladies and Families phase has opened we have been serving meals to an average of 20 people, three times a day. We are on track to serve almost 22,000 meals in the next year. “

The Ladies and Families Phase is volunteer dependent; there are no paid staff members. Volunteers are needed to mentor women guests and lead chapel. Volunteers serve in many capacities throughout all areas of the mission. Martell says, “God called upon His people to build His mission. It only makes sense that God would send His people to keep His mission doing His ministry. This is a call on His people to facilitate His work for His kingdom.”

The mission is praying to obtain funds for more paid staff members, and donations of food, clothing, household items and working bicycles are always appreciated, as are monetary donations. Martell says that the thing they need most is prayer that the mission will fulfill its ministry. 

Overnight guests of the mission (and the Rescue Missions in Columbus and Norfolk) receive free temporary housing, showers, meals, personal care items, and laundry services. Guests who are not in need of housing can receive clothing, food and furniture from the mission. These items are given at no cost to those in need. If you have items to donate, please consider doing so to the Rescue Mission nearest you.
The LWRM, Columbus Rescue Mission and Norfolk Rescue Mission also offer guests The New Life program, a non-denominational Christian discipleship program. One goal of the program is to encourage our men and women to establish a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. The program uses the Bible, various textbooks and some videotapes and all are Biblically sound.

Congratulations to the Living Water Rescue Mission on completing the Ladies and Families Phase! God bless you as well as the Columbus and Norfolk Rescue Missions as you continue to serve those who need your services!

The Living Water Rescue Mission is located at 701 S. Lincoln Ave., York and can be reached by phone at: (402) 362-0127  or e-mail:

The Columbus Rescue Mission is located at 1471 25th Avenue in Columbus and can be reached by phone at (402) 563-1096 or e-mail:  

The Norfolk Rescue Mission is located at 111 N. 9th Street in Norfolk and can be reached by phone at (402) 371-6484.     

Monday, October 1, 2012

Upcoming Retreat

Hello friends!

Happy October! It's hard for me to believe that summer is over...heck, part of fall is over too! This morning when I went out with Jenny (the beagle) at 5:45 it was almost 60 degrees out. A few hours later I met my mother-in-law at the vet's office (her chocolate lab, Cadbury, needed a minor procedure) to help her take the dog in. It was raining, windy, and the car thermometer said just 48 degrees.

Have you ever been to Camp Luther? It's a Lutheran Camp (campers and friends of ALL denominations are welcome at any and all Camp Luther activities) between Columbus, NE, and Schuyler, NE. Although our church has supported Camp Luther activities for years, I had never been out there until last November, for a retreat. Camp Luther is out in the country, in a beautiful setting of rolling hills, trees, flowers, and even a lake. It's the perfect place to get away for a retreat. My good friend Deb Burma is holding a retreat at Camp Luther next month. I hope you'll consider attending! Deb is an inspiring speaker; one minute she had us laughing, the next minute crying...and throughout all of her talks she points us toward the most important part of our lives--our faith. I hope to see you there!