Thursday, February 5, 2009

Trip to Denver

WOW--it's been a busy few weeks!

The day after my last post we (Cody, Morgan, and I) went to the National Western Stock Show in Denver. Cody drove, and we all had fun on the way there talking and guessing the songs on the radio and the singer. Cody and I had a close battle going for awhile, but he ultimately pulled ahead and won.

We saw a lot of good friends in Denver, friends we don't see often during the year. Our family and several other families stalled together (had our cattle by each other) and everyone helped everyone else get their cattle ready. All the adults made sure the kids got to the ring on time to show, and then back to the stalls.

On Saturday the families who were working together had cattle in classes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 12. There were several calves, and therefore several kids, in each class. It was quite a challenge to get everyone where they needed to be, at the right time, but it got done! We had a successful day with several calves in the champion drive.

We show with one family frequently, and the dad and two sisters came to Denver. The mom had to work and take care of the cattle at home, so was unable to come. As her daughter showed (and Morgan was in the same class) I got the inspiration to take a picture of her daughter with my cell phone and send it to her. She was thrilled to be part of the day even though she couldn't be there. I also sent pictures throughout the day to my mother-in-law. (I would have done the same for my parents, but I don't think they can get pictures on their phone). It was fun to share the day with loved ones who couldn't be there.

The show was very successful for us, and for the families who were there. It was a busy week, but one of the high points of our showing year.

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