Thursday, February 5, 2009

February Issue of the Nebraska Family Times

The February issue of the Nebraska Family Times comes out this week!

Lori and I picked it up on Tuesday and made the Norfolk deliveries that day. It was nice to have someone along for deliveries, and not have to park and turn off and lock the vehicle at each location. It was a cold day, too, so we took turns going out into the cold to make the deliveries.

Lori packed and mailed the "big" boxes of papers today, and I mailed the bulk mailings in Norfolk this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll make the Columbus deliveries--it's supposed to be a really nice day so I'll enjoy being out.

I'm very excited about this issue of the paper. I've added a new "room"--The Playroom. These pages were previously filled with a list of sponsors. Instead of just listing sponsors, I'll be spotlighting a sponsor (or several) every month. The Playroom also contains book reviews, recipes, and other fun information and ideas.

This issue of the paper also includes the questionnaire that was in the last issue. I don't always remember to fill out and send things in the first time I see them, so thought wanted to include it again in case anyone else procrastinates like I do. Please fill out and return the questionnaire--the information will help me to fill the paper with news and information that is valuable to you!

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