Wednesday, July 22, 2009

August Newspaper

The August issue of the paper is full of articles for all readers!

There are several articles I think will touch many readers. On the front page you’ll find an article about The Big D; Divorce Through the Eyes of a Teen. The class, for kids age 14-18 whose parents are divorced, begins September 2 in Columbus. The class will help kids learn to balance two lives when custody is shared, and will also help kids establish their own set of values when living in households with different sets of values. For more information call Linda Meyers-Bock at (402) 276-2208.

The article Straight Talk About Casual Sex separates truth from what the media portrays as the “joys” of casual sex. Parents—read the article and talk with your kids about the issues addressed within, or ask your kids to read the article and discuss it with them later.

Pray God’s Promises for Your Kids’ Lives gives guidelines for praying for your kids now and in the future.

The August issue should arrive in your mailbox, or at the business/church where you pick it up, by July 31st. As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions!

{If you read this after the August issue has been distributed, call and request a copy; I usually have a few issues left over and will be happy to send you one at no charge if they are available!}

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