Monday, July 20, 2009

Starting the Week

I work at my nursing job almost every Monday. I enjoy working Mondays; it gives me a good start to the week. While I’m at work, I have a chance to think about what I want and need to accomplish during the week.

I usually do errands after work, since I’m on the way to Columbus anyway. It’s a good feeling to get home and have the groceries and supplies I’ll need for the week.

Today I also worked on the paper; I need to have all the articles to Jennifer by Wednesday so she can get the paper set up. My mission is to find articles that will inspire, encourage, and motivate readers in their Christian walk, and sometimes it’s hard to find articles that I think will benefit readers. This was one of those months; I searched my usual good sources, but the articles just weren’t “good enough.” I will work on the paper again tomorrow, and pray that I’ll find articles that you’ll enjoy.

Back to work!

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