Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Letting Others Know about the Nebraska Family Times

Today I met with a friend, Cheryl, who is considering working with me on the paper! I’m interested in finding someone who will help me do research in areas in which I’d like to market the paper. I would like the paper to be sponsored in churches and hospitals, so church members/patients/visitors could read a paper and take it home if they wanted to.

Cheryl will work on making calls to determine who, in hospitals, we should send a sample paper, letter, and information to. Lori, my Assistant, is going to work on compiling a database of churches, so we can send them the same information.

When I tell people about the Nebraska Family Times, I find that few of them have heard of the paper! I think the Nebraska Family Times is a very important Christian resource, so am trying to spread the word.

I hope readers of the paper will also spread the word. Just ask people you know if they’ve heard of the paper. If you’re willing to part with your copy, offer to let them borrow it. They can also request a free sample copy from me and I’ll be glad to send it out!

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