Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Scripture Memory Challenge

The Treasure of Wisdom
By Shelly Burke, Editor

How much better to get wisdom than gold!
To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver. 
Proverbs 16:16

In our society, success is often (if not usually) measured in material goods and money. The Scripture Memory Challenge Verse for April, however, tells us that wisdom and understanding are better than gold and silver (money or any earthly possessions). 

How are wisdom and understanding better than gold and silver? 

1. No one can take away your wisdom and understanding. You will always have it. Gold and silver can be lost in many different ways—through misuse, the stock market crashing, or even others stealing your possessions. 
2. Wisdom and understanding can only improve our lives by guiding us through everyday life as well as difficult situations. Earthly possessions have the potential to be a detriment in our lives if not used correctly, or if they are emphasized above the Lord or others. 
3. Wisdom and understanding can only enhance our relationship with the Lord by helping us understand Him and His will for us and drawing us closer to Him. Earthly possessions can get in the way of our relationship with the Lord and others when we place the love of them, or striving for them, above all else. 

How can you gain wisdom and understanding? 

1. First, of course, by reading, learning and understanding God’s Word, the greatest source of wisdom and understanding. “All Scripture is…profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training…” (2 Timothy 3:16) in other words, gaining wisdom and understanding. 
2. Pray for God to help you understand His words about wisdom and understanding. 
3. Worship and attend Bible classes. Hearing others teach and talk about the Bible will increase your understanding. 
4. Consult advisers as you make plans (Prov. 15:22)—parents, pastors, experts, Christian counselors. Just remember that all who claim to be “experts” are not; be discerning in the advice that you take and act upon. 
5. Underline or highlight in your Bible and/or write out on notecards verses about wisdom and understanding (look up the words “wisdom” and “understanding” in the concordance in the back of your Bible and you’ll find a list of all the verses that contain these words). Refer to these verses when you need wisdom and understanding. 
6. Ask Him  to guide and lead you to make wise decisions. Seek his leading in your life through prayer, worship, and Bible study. Listen for His still small voice as you are making decisions. 

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