Thursday, April 2, 2015

A to Z Blogging Challenge

B is for...10 Best Things to say when you Don't know What to Say
by Shelly Burke, RN, Author, and Publisher of the "Nebraska Family Times" newspaper

 "I just do not know what to say." How often have you said or thought that when faced with a difficult situation?  First of all, know that when a friend or acquaintance is faced with the death of a child, the ending of a marriage, a devastating diagnosis, job loss, or other tragedy, there are no "magic" words, no words that will "make it all better." What is important is that you acknowledge their heartache and show them that they are not alone. 

No matter what the situation or circumstance, one or more of these statements 
are the ‘right’ thing to say. 

“I’m so sorry!”

“You are in my thoughts and prayers”

“What can I do for you?”

“It’s OK to cry/scream/laugh.”

“It’s OK to be mad/sad/upset/confused.”

“There are many people who love and support you”

“This is a terrible time for you, but I know you can do what you have to do.”

“I am here any time you want to talk/e-mail/cry.”

“I am your friend and I will support you and be here for you no matter what!”

NOTHING--just give a hug or sit quietly and listen. 

“Do not be anxious about…what you ought to say, for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.” Luke 12:12

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This post is an excerpt from 
“What Should I Say? The Right (and Wrong!) Words and Deeds for Life’s Sticky, Tricky Uncomfortable Situations” by Shelly Burke, RN. 
Coming soon! Download “What Should I Say” and be prepared for any of life’s sticky, tricky uncomfortable situations!

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  1. This is a really good post. I'm writing my A to Z Challenge posts on IVF/ICSI treatment and infertility is one of those things that people often don't know what to say when they find out it's something you're struggling with.

    My usual standby response is 'I'm thinking of you/your family' I think it covers things nicely and let's someone know that you're there for them.

    Cait @ Click's Clan

    1. Thank you for your comment! That is a great response to any situation as well. Will be checking out your blog!

  2. Great suggestions. Too often people just avoid contact when they don't know what to say. A simple phrase that tells people you care is often all that is needed.

    A-to-Z Participant

    1. And avoiding contact can be very hurtful as well. Thank you for your comment!


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