Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Reader Questionnaire

The goal of the Nebraska Family Times newspaper is “To inspire, encourage, and motivate you in your Christian walk.” My prayer every month is that I will write and publish articles that will do just that. How am I doing? Please fill out the following questionnaire and let me know what parts of the paper you enjoy, what you don’t enjoy as much, what you’d like to see more of, and any suggestions you have for improving the paper.

Please mail your completed questionnaire to: Shelly Burke, Nebraska Family Times, 42887 G. G. Road, Genoa, NE, 68640. You may also e-mail your responses to shelly@shellyburke.net.

This questionnaire will appear in the June, July, and August issues of the Nebraska Family Times.

If you include your name and address, your completed questionnaire is a chance for you to win a prize package that will include books, CD’s, and CHOCOLATE! One winner will be chosen every month. You do not have to include contact information if you wish to submit your questionnaire anonymously.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire!

What is your age?
o Under 20 years old
o 21-40 years old
o 41-55 years old
o 55+ years old

Do you have Internet access?
o Yes
o No

Do you have a cell phone?
o Yes
o No

Do you work outside your home?
o No
o Part-time
o Full-time

Do you homeschool?
o Yes
o No

Are the Nebraska Family Times readers in your home:
o Male
o Female
o Both

How many children live in your home?
o 0
o 1-4
o 5 or more

How old are the children who live in your home (please check all that apply):
o 0-1 years old
o 2-4 years old
o 4-6 years old
o 6-9 years old
o 10-12 years old
o 13-18 years old
o 19+ years old

Are you a grandparent?
o Yes
o No

Regarding length, are the articles in general:
o Too long
o Too short
o A good mix of long, medium, and short articles

What topics would you like to continue to see (or see more of) in the NFT?
(check all that apply)
o Health
o Child development
o Parenting teenagers
o Education
o Nebraska News
o Religion/devotional/inspiration
o Book/CD/movie reviews
o Recipes
o Household tips
o Time management
o Financial

What do you like most about the Nebraska Family Times?


Name/address/phone/e-mail (optional)

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