Thursday, June 3, 2010

Columbus Kids Prepare for PINK Trip

1C, Peace Kids Prepare for PINK Trip

[NFT] For the sixth year, the PINK (Peace Inspiring Native Kids) group will be traveling to Cormorant, Canada, to teach native children Vacation Bible School. This year participants from 1C church in Columbus will be going as well. The group of 12 kids and 7 adult chaperones will be leaving July 23 and returning July 31st.

According to Tamra Boettcher, Youth Leader and chaperone, “Several of the students have been on this trip before and are very passionate about the mission. The newcomers are equally excited about the experience to get to meet children of the Native American culture and help them get to know Jesus.”

Reid Fullner, Alea Smith, and Ryan Coffee have all been on the trip before, and when asked what they’re most looking forward to, each said the same thing: “Seeing the kids again and watching them grow in their faith and learn more about God.” Mariah Spady is going on her first trip to Canada, and she anticipates the trip will “help me in my spiritual walk by allowing me to share my faith with others more freely and readily.”

The kids have weekly DEN meetings to help grow their faith and prepare them for the trip, and they have been working throughout the year to earn money for the trip by doing fundraisers and service projects.

Cormorant, a village of about 400 people, is 1100 miles from Columbus. Many in Cormorant live in poverty, and crime and drugs are prevalent. Despite the challenges of the trip, Craig and Lisa Brestel, first-time chaperones, are looking forward to it. “The trip will help us both grow with God through helping others, and we’re looking forward to watching the kids in action,” says Lisa.

Kirk Nelson, a chaperone going on his first trip to Canada, summarizes the goal of the trip (and the goal we should all have, no matter where our journey takes us); “Our most important mission is to share God’s message of love with the people we will see on our journey.”

Please pray for the safety and success of this group as they travel!

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