Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meeting with Marcie

Marcie and I got together to discuss plans for the paper for the next month. Marcie is the Promotions/Advertising person who joined the team several months ago. It’s great to work with Marcie—she has ideas for marketing and promoting the paper that I would have never come up with! Many of her suggestions are barters—for example we’re exchanging ad space for radio ads—so you’ll be hearing about the Nebraska Family Times on KPNO 90.9 in the near future!

Marcie also introduced me to the Christian Cross Festival, which will take place June 7 in Norfolk. The CCF is a gathering of Christian bands and organizations that get together for an afternoon and evening of music and fellowship. This year, for the first time, the Nebraska Family Times will have a table at the CCF! That evening we will draw for the winner of the June Summer Fun Giveaway. Details to follow! For more information about the Christian Cross Festival, go to

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