Monday, April 13, 2009

“Hunting” on Easter

Our family has a tradition of attending Sonrise service at our church on Easter. It’s such a joyous service, with the choir singing and the brass and bell choirs playing. I have memories of attending early services with my mom and dad and sisters years ago. The celebration of Jesus’ resurrection never fails to bring tears of joy to my eyes; I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude that He would save me and everyone who makes the simple choice to believe in Him!

Our drive to Columbus was a little . . . eventful . . . and not in a good way. I drove, and about 2 miles from our home, I hit a pheasant that flew up in front of the vehicle. It happened too fast to avoid the bird . . . but I still felt bad about. It was the first time I’d hit any animal in a very long time.

We continued on to church . . . and just a few minutes later, I hit a deer! THAT was a first for me, both hitting a deer AND hitting two animals within eight miles and 10 minutes. We think the deer was OK because there was nothing in the ditch. Hopefully he just had a few bumps and a good story for his other deer friends.

When we got to church we discovered that there were both feathers AND hair caught in various parts of the vehicle . . .

We are very thankful that no one was hurt, the vehicle was driveable . . . and we made it to church on time to celebrate Easter!
(in the picture above, note the feathers in the windshield wipers and the deer hair in the back door handle)

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