Monday, February 16, 2009


I am blessed in that someone who is interested in promotions/advertising was led to me and the Nebraska Family Times!

Every month I stop in at The Abbey, in Norfolk. Kay, the owner, has been a friend and supporter for several years. Last time I talked with her she that she knew someone who might be interested in writing book reviews and articles for the paper. Several days later, Kay talked to Marcie, who then e-mailed me.

When I saw Marcie's resume' I realized that she would be perfect for doing promotions and talking with people about advertising in the NFT, and so I asked Marcie if she'd be interested in doing so. She was, and got to work right away. We met several days later and "clicked". She has some great ideas for marketing, publicity, and advertising, and I'm looking forward to working with her!

She's going to be writing some entertainment articles for the paper, about Christian music and books. She knows people in the industry, so will have the latest information--I think it will be a fun addition to the paper.

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