Friday, October 10, 2008


The printed papers filled 16 boxes, which jjjuuussstttt fit into the back of my Envoy. They weren't too heavy . . . just heavy enough for it to count as "exercise" when I loaded them into the Envoy . . . took them out and to my office . . . carried them to the kitchen where the 'get-the-papers-ready-to-mail' assembly line was set up . . . loaded them back into the Envoy for the trip to the Post Office . . . and carried them one more time into the post office.

To qualify for a bulk mailing rate, the papers had to be arranged according to the first three numbers in the zip code of who they were addressed to. It wasn't as hard as it sounds; I just made a database of all the addresses and asked the computer to arrange them according to zip code. Then it was just a matter of sticking the labels on the papers and bundling them into groups.

Many businesses and individuals are "sponsors" of the Nebraska Family Times, meaning they purchase 10 (or more) papers to put in their own, or another place of business, or another public place (their church, for example). These complimentary copies are then available for customers or members to enjoy.

Multiple copies of the paper are mailed to sponsors in manilla envelopes, and as well as an address label require a return address label AND a bulk mail label. I become very friendly with the label-making function on my computer this week!

Finally the papers were all labeled, return-address labeled, bundled, stickered, arranged, and made another trek to the Envoy. I was a bit nervous about taking them into the post office . . . I was concerned that a label would be in the wrong place, or the papers would not be arranged quite right, or I'd have done something else wrong. But the man in the post office could not have been nicer, and sending the papers off was quick and easy.

Now I envision the papers on their way to their destinations thoroughout Nebraska . . . to Iowa . . . California . . . Missouri . . . New Mexico . . . Oklahoma . . . and even several to Canada! I hope they are enjoyed by everyone who reads them!

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