Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Sneak Peek at the "Nebraska Family Times" new look! 

I am so excited about the "new look" of the "Nebraska Family Times"! Our mission remains, "To inspire, encourage and motivate you in your Christian walk", and my prayer continues to be to publish articles that will touch the hearts of readers through issues that are important in their lives. 

The inside pages of the paper are set up like the rooms in a home. The "rooms" of the NFT
have been updated and have been given a theme verse and "blurb" that represents that room. In each room you'll find articles that I think will apply to your lives.                                                                                               We have also put our Mission Statement and Faith Statement into words; the ideas were always there but now you -- and new readers -- can easily see what the "Nebraska Family Times" is all about.    

Thanks to Tracy Buzynski for her work in finding the updated graphics--I really didn't know how I wanted them to look but when I saw what Tracy had found, I immediately knew it was perfect! And I also thank Jennifer Gleason for all of her work in doing the paper layout since I took over the "Nebraska Family Times" almost five years ago.                                                                             

Here is a sneak peek at the inside front page of the can see that the Editor's Letter will be on the new Front Porch page and get an idea of the graphics that will appear throughout the paper. 

I'm so excited to see that new look in "real life"! And I look forward to hearing your thoughts about it!

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