Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2012 Issue is Out!

The July 2012 issue of the Nebraska Family Times is out!

If you're a subscriber you should have received your issue in the mail! Otherwise pick up your issue at one of the Sponsor Locations (see the other tabs on this page for locations). If you would like a FREE sample issue, e-mail me at with the address to which you'd like it sent.

One of my favorite articles in this issue of the Nebraska Family Times is titled "Cautions for Christians in a Political Season." The article gives several good guidelines for being a responsible voter and for expressing your political beliefs in a Christian manner. I especially like the last point given by author Daniel Darling: Remember that the most important thing has already happened. ... The most important and consequential event in history already happened. Jesus rose from the dead. He is alive....

You'll also find suggestions for "Inching Toward God" during difficult times in your life, as well as "A 3-Step Plan to Teach God's Word to Your Kids" and "The Art of Thrifting." 

My prayer with every issue of the Nebraska Family Times is to print and write articles that will "inspire, encourage, and motivate readers in their Christian walk." If there is a topic or news item that you would like to see covered, please let me know!

In the light of decisions being made in Washington DC and the uncertainty in some of the country due to lack of rain, and other parts of the country due to too much rain, wind, and severe storms, I find comfort in this thought:

I don't have to know, 
as long as I know The One Who knows. 

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