Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today may be the most important day of 2012

(Editor’s Note: By the time you receive this it will be after Nov. 15th, but the message of the article is valuable! You can have your goals made by December 1st and still meet the objectives of the article.)

Today is November 15th. I don’t know if that’s significant on your calendar but it is on mine. For many years now I’ve made it my plan to have my goals completed for the upcoming year by November 15th.

Here’s why. Most people wait until January 1st and then think “I need to have some goals.” But then it’s New Years Day – ball games are on, surely I can take the day off. The next day it’s back to work , new things are being talked about at work and the first two weeks fly by. By the time you get some goals laid out it’s nearly February 1st. At that point you think, how can I have the sequential progression over 12 months when one month is already gone. It’s easy to rationalize, I’ll just start next year. And thus weeks turn into months, months turn into years and all of a sudden 20 years have gone by in your own personal version of Ground-Hog Day.

On the other hand, what if you had your goals clearly laid out in 7 areas of your life by November 15th? You know exactly what you want success to look like for you next year – financially, physically, spiritually, socially, in your family, in personal development and in your career. Then you relax and enjoy the holidays, confident that your thinking is already helping you make the choices necessary to see that success come into view.

And here’s what will happen – guaranteed. Because you have clarified what those new levels of success will look like and you’ve written them down – your life will begin to change before January 1st. Even though you are busy with holiday activities you will be amazed at how subtly things start to shift in the direction of your goals. There is something almost magical that happens when you clarify in your thinking and on paper what an ideal life would be.

Give it a try – humor me and be prepared to be astounded at how you can get a jump start on making 2012 the year when you leapfrog forward. And then let me know in about July how things are going.


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