Friday, August 19, 2011

Bacon goes with...Chocolate Chip Cookies?

I enjoy trying new, unusual recipes, and last week my sister sent me a link to a recipe I just couldn't resist trying--Brown Butter, Bacon, and Chocolate Chip Cookies. ( ). The recipe called for three kinds of chocolate, giving me an excuse to buy three bags of chocolate chips, and I'd never made brown butter before, either, so I was really looking forward to trying it.

Making the brown butter wasn't hard, just a little time-consuming since I was worried about burning the butter (the recipe and my sister both warned that the butter could go from "a little brown" to "burned beyond being able to use" in just a few seconds). The instant it started to turn brown and smell nutty, I took it off the heat.

The batter tasted just like batter for chocolate chip cookies...with bacon. (I felt an obligation to try the batter, just to make sure it tasted ok to bake. I wouldn't want to serve my family an inferior product, after all!). As I spooned out the batter on the cookie sheets, it was a little strange to see bacon pieces among the chocolate chips...but they came out of the oven smelling wonderful!

Morgan wouldn't taste a cookie until I did...I bravely bit in...waited for the taste to hit me...and the cookie tasted like...a chocolate chip cookie with bits of bacon in it. It wasn't horrible or disgusting, but wasn't anything fantastic either. I tried another cookie this morning (OK, two of them) just to see if "aging" overnight made a difference...nope. I'm going to send some of the cookies to my niece; maybe she'll take them to school on Monday. I don't know if they'll make her "the-most-popular-girl-to-trade-lunches-with," or "the- girl-to-avoid-trading-lunches-with"...but I bet she'll try them.

My suggestion? Try the recipe but leave out the bacon. Tim was right--chocolate chips and bacon are both essential food served separately.

And I will look forward to the next unusual recipe Becky sends me!

There is a whole cup of chopped
up bacon in this bowl!


  1. Thanks for trying out the recipe. I can't wait to try them. I wonder if my new supply of smoked bacon would be any good :)

  2. I think I will make the recipe leaving out the bacon. I love bacon and I love chocolate chip cookies, crisp or soft. But the two mixed together is something I'm not sure I can handle! Did Bill Clinton have anything to do with this recipe? LOL However, I do have real bacon bits from Hormel that I may just add to the last 4 - 6 cookies to try just to be fair! I'll let you know………… Carol

  3. How were the cookies with smoked bacon, Becky?

    Carol, I think it would be an excellent recipe without the bacon. Did you try it? What did you think?


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