Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Should I Care?

Why Should I care?!
By Tracy Buzynski

It is no secret that the world is a mess. Just turn on the news and see the unrest in the Middle East, that the US economy and government spending are out of control, and media that seem to have their own agenda. I have a busy life. Why should I even try to figure out what is going on with the rest of the world? These problems are just too big to even contemplate, let a lone try to figure out what I can do about them as an individual. Why should I care?!

I should care because God cares. We are to love our neighbor as ourselves. Well, some times that is hard to put into action in the big picture. But God blesses us with knowledge and discernment. We have but to ask for these things. Maybe we should also ask Him how to love the least of these.

Even though there are many big problems, we still live in the greatest nation on earth. I believe that I was put here at this time and place for a reason. With my set of skills and God given talents, I choose to be an encourager to my family and those around me. Although the “politically correct” society and the social justice forces at work try to take God out of everything, the last time I checked, we still live in a “Free Country“. I am free to choose what I think, how I speak and what I do…As long as I abide by the laws. Why not take it a step further and align your actions by what is God’s will for you? Again, we have but to ask to find out what that is.

Integrate a God Attitude into your life. I am going to personally put God into as many things as I can throughout my day. Start out with a morning prayer. Ask for His protection over yourself and your family as you get ready to face the day. I use my God Attitude at my job by being helpful, kind and positive. I say a silent “Thank you God, you’re great!” for the little things that happen--like green lights, a warm sunny day and after a good laugh with my friend. Just see how many areas you can insert your God Attitude. It’s a start for the big picture. My God attitude is why I care.

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