Monday, March 14, 2011

God's Circle of Life

The last few weeks have been filled with sadness and joy for me, after my two private duty patients died. We are so sad, because they are no longer here with us...yet we are so happy knowing they are in heaven, healthy and whole.

Yesterday my niece, Leighton, was baptized. Several weeks ago my sister asked Tim and I to be sponsors, and we immediately said "yes." What a joy to be asked to be part of her spiritual life!

During the service, as Tim and I, the other sponsors, and my sister's family were going up to the front of the church for the baptism, Tim pulled a piece of paper out of his jacket pocket. He looked a little startled and then showed it to me. My eyes immediately filled with tears; it was the funeral service folder for my grandfather, who died almost exactly a year ago. His picture is on the front of the service folder, and seeing his face reminded me that he, too, had been baptized many years ago...and because of that baptism and his faith, he was in heaven. And now as we brought Leighton to baptism, she, too, would enter God's kingdom when she left this earth, just as my patients had both been brought for baptism and now were in heaven.

I do not believe in coincidences...I believe that when things like this happen they are "God-incidences." I'm so thankful that God reminded me of His promise to my patients, to grandpa, to Leighton, to Tim and I and our my friend who lost her daughter in a car another friend whose grandson everyone who believes in Him...because of His love for us, and His sacrifice of His Son, Jesus, we will ALL have that promise of heaven.

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