Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visit to the Emergency Room

About two hours after we returned home from Grandpa’s funeral in Missouri, Tim called me from the ranch, where he and the kids were doing chores. “Morgan got hit in the head by a gate and needs stitches. I’m bringing her home right now; get ready to go with us to the hospital.”

(EDITOR’S NOTE: many days, before Tim and the kids go to the ranch, I tell them, “Be careful—no trips to the Emergency Room today!” Today, however, I forgot to say that!)
On the way to the hospital I got the whole story; Morgan was letting the show cattle out for the night, and a cow kicked a gate that Morgan was standing by. Unfortunately the gate bounced into her head, knocking her down and making a big gash in her forehead.

The Emergency Room wasn’t busy, so she was seen immediately by a great nurse, and then stitched up by a very compassionate doctor. Morgan was brave throughout the ordeal.

We are so thankful that her injury wasn’t worse, and that Tim was close by and we could get her to the hospital immediately! Morgan is kind of proud of her injury and not at all worried about a scar (the doctor said it shouldn’t scar much at all, especially if she doesn’t allow sun on it this summer).

I think from now on I'll remember to remind everyone, "NO TRIPS TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM TODAY!"

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