Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sponsor Spotlight

I appreciate the businesses that sponsor the Nebraska Family Times! When a person or business is a “sponsor,” they receive 10 (or more) copies of the paper every month to share with customers, patients (in a dentist, chiropractor, or doctor office), members of the church congregation, co-workers, or friends. (A sponsorship of 10 papers/month is $10/month; sponsors are recognized on paper racks or holders, and in the paper.) A sponsorship is a way for the sponsor to assure distribution of the Nebraska Family Times to people, and meet the mission of the paper, “To Inspire, Encourage, and Motivate You on Your Christian Walk.”

To thank businesses for being sponsors, about a year ago I started the Sponsor Spotlight. An article about the featured sponsor appears on the Play Room pages in the Nebraska Family Times. It’s been interesting to hear “the story” behind how a business was started, and what the owners enjoy about their business.

The May Sponsor Spotlight will feature Main Street Apothecary of Laurel, NE.

Would you like your business featured in the Sponsor Spotlight? Contact me at or by phone at (402) 993-2467 or (402) 750-3496 and we’ll set up a time for an interview (or I’ll e-mail you interview questions.)

I appreciate Nebraska Family Times sponsors and hope to hear from you!

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