Thursday, July 2, 2009

July Paper

The July paper is here! And thanks to Marci and Lori, is being delivered in Norfolk. The mailing will be several days late as I’ll do it when I get home; no one else has the database of address labels! THANKS so much to Lori and Marcie for coordinating the pick up and deliveries. Thanks also to Lori’s daughter Rachel, who helped deliver in Norfolk.

I hope you enjoy the July issue of the paper! There are some neat features about local events and people in the paper. The front page features a local man who joined the Army and has had some huge accomplishments. Daniel Micek is from Silver Creek, NE. The front page also features a Norfolk project. A group of people are planning to make a Christian movie. “Fireproof,” a surprise hit in 2008, is a Christian movie made by a church, also.

July 16-18 CIKcrew (Christ is King) is planning a film school; The Art of Movie Making. The school is targeted toward members of the community who would like to learn more about what film production involves. For more information, visit

As always, I look forward to your comments, suggestions, and ideas for the paper! You can e-mail me at or call (402) 750-3496.

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