Saturday, June 27, 2009

July Paper

WOW—another month has gone by already! The paper is on someone’s computer at the Wayne Herald, waiting to be printed on Monday.

A new columnist is featured on The Playroom pages this month; Morgan Burke! Morgan is 15 years old, loves to read, and wrote several book reviews for teenagers this month. She will be writing occasional teen book reviews for the paper. Marcie Sextro’s column also contains recommended reading to put on your summer reading list, so I hope you'll find some time to enjoy a Christian book this month.

The paper will be mailed and delivered sometime next week. I’m not sure of the day right now; my grandfather fell and broke his hip yesterday, in Bolivar, MO. He’ll be having surgery either tomorrow or Monday, and I feel like I should be there for him as well as for my mom and dad.

Please remember him in your prayers and pray for a fast and uneventful recovery. He has some underlying health problems but is cheerful and positive. He’s a very special man in our lives and we hate to think of him in pain. He has a strong belief in God and that gives us all a sense of peace. Marcie and Lori might be taking over the mailing and delivery for me this week but never fear, you’ll get your paper!

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