Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Delivering the Paper

Today Lori and I delivered the paper to sponsors in Norfolk. It’s always fun to deliver the paper and talk with customers at the various businesses. (If your business is interested in sponsoring the paper—providing complimentary copies it for your customers or patrons to read—contact the NFT at shelly@shellyburke.net or call (402) 750-3496. New sponsors and advertisers receive a 25% discount!)

Lori has two children in high school (Ryan will graduate next month). Ryan, Cody (my son), Rachel (Lori’s daughter), and Morgan (my daughter) are stair-step in age—Ryan’s a senior, down to Morgan who is a freshman(woman). It’s so nice to have several hours to talk with Lori about our kids and families; even though our conversations are interrupted frequently when we get out to take papers into a business, we seem to be able to pick up our conversations almost mid-sentence when we’re together in the vehicle again.

I’ve found that as my kids enter the teen-age years, the worries don’t decrease, they just change. Even if Lori and I don’t come up with any solutions to our current “kid issues,” it’s good to talk about them and share ideas about why kids do the things they do, and ideas for getting them to do something different!

Thanks for a nice day, Lori!

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