Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mission Trip Fundraiser

A youth group from our church is going on a mission trip this July. They're going to Canada to a tiny town and will teach Vacation Bible School to the Native Americans there. I admire the kids, as well as the adults, who go on these trips. There is a lot of planning involved, as well as more than 24 hours of driving (over two days)! Last night at the meeting (see below) one of the sponsors showed me a map of where they were going; it is literally at the end of the road!

My first goal, when I bought the Nebraska Family Times newspaper, was to learn and get comfortable with the process of putting the paper together, and mailing and delivering it. I feel like I've met that goal, although of course I will continue to strive to fill every issue with articles to inform, encourage, and inspire readers.

My next goal is to publicize and promote the paper throughout the area. When I saw the announcement in the bulletin about the youth group fund raisers, I had an inspiration! The youth group and I are now working together; the youth group will be selling subscriptions and sponsorships for the paper, getting a percentage of each sale. They'll be able to do more than I could, more quickly than I could, when 14 kids go around selling subscriptions. And I can support them by giving them a percentage of the money the collect. The parents and kids seemed enthusiastic last night (when I gave the presentation to the group), so I hope they are well-received.

If a member of PINK (the youth group) asks YOU to support their mission trip by purchasing a subscription or sponsorship, please consider doing so!

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