Tuesday, December 2, 2008


After my mishap with the stove on Cody's birthday, I was a little bit concerned about cooking for Thanksgiving (truth be told, I think my family was too . . . ). Thankfully, the oven didn't catch on fire, the weather was beautiful, and all the food turned out!

We started the day by going to church. I love the Thanksgiving songs--we all truly have so much to be thankful for, beginning with a God who loves us, family, friends, opportunities, a home, clothes, food, pets, laptop computers and wireless Internet access . . .

We missed being with mom and dad, sisters, grandpa, and other guests in Missouri, but got to talk to them on or the day after Thanksgiving and that helped the "miss you" pangs. We had a nice evening with Tim's mom and dad, who live just down the road.

We enjoyed prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, brussel sprouts (I found a very yummy recipe for them), and my grandma's Green Jello Salad for supper. We all love the salad, but I have to call my mom for the recipe every time I want to make it, because I keep losing the recipe! It only has 5 ingredients (we don't add the nuts or celery) and I should be able to remember it, but I'm afraid I'll forget something so have to call mom. And even if I could remember the recipe, it's a nice excuse to talk to mom.

After supper we had lemon pie for dessert; Morgan and Anne prepared it and it was more than delicious.

We didn't brave the stores during the early hours of Friday morning, but spend a quiet weekend at home.

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