Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cody's Birthday

I've hesitated in posting this because of my desire to be seen as a competent, well-organized women and mom. However, I have to admit that when a friend confides something similiar to what you'll read below, I have a small feeling of "whew . . . I'm not the only one who . . . " and hearing that a friend has an . . . unexpected experience . . . in no way lowers my opinion of her as a competent, well-organized woman, but instead, reassures me that even when I mess things up, it's OK! So I hope you'll enjoy this recounting of Cody's birthday.

We decided to have a quiet dinner at home with several long-time friends, so I was preparing prime rib, yorkshire pudding, a new recipe for brussel sprouts, fingerling potatoes brought fresh from the field in Colorado, where two of our guests were from, and birthday cheesecake (no, I didn't make it--although I love baking cheesecake--I got it from the grocery store).

I'd planned dinner for around 7:00 and was happy to see lights coming down the driveway about that time--it's such a busy time of the year with the sale and I was afraid something would come up and dinner would have to be very late.

I took the roast out of the oven, popped the Yorkshire pudding in, stirred the brussel sprouts, and went to finish setting the table, proud of myself because the timing for everything seemed just right--it would all be done when everyone was ready to eat!

I tuned to come back in to the kitchen, and saw that . . . the oven was on fire!!!!!!!!!! I ran in the kitchen, turned off the stove, got the Yorkshire pudding out, and sprinkled baking soda on the fire, putting it out immediately. Then I started opening windows and doors to let the smoke out before the smoke alarms went off . . . and Jenny, our beagle, ran outside into the darkness and wouldn't come back!!!

By that time I was actually laughing, because the situation had deteriorated so quickly--from everything-under-control-and-on-time to the-oven-is-0n-fire-and-the-dog-ran-away in about 30 seconds.

Thankfully, Jenny just ran around the house and came in with the guests, and I made some tortellini to take the place of the Yorkshire pudding. Our guests were very gracious and helped wave the smoke out, and patiently waited a few minutes while I made the tortellini. The night turned out great, and Cody will remember his 17th birthday!

(enough blogging . . . I have to finish cleaning the oven!)

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