Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The end of summer bums me out. I love the hot weather, lush shades of green wherever I look, and the more relaxed, less scheduled days of summer. I enjoy fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, wearing shorts all day, and spending long evenings outside.

The Farmer's Almanac predicts a long, cold winter. I'm NOT looking forward to that! I do not enjoy cold, wet feet, I detest wearing a hat, coat and gloves (so much so that I often go without . . . which will dismay my mother if she reads this--sorry, mom!), and am sad when it gets dark at 5:30 PM.

Maybe that's why I'm not looking forward to fall this year (even though it's officially "fall" right now)--because I know winter will soon follow. I am trying very hard to enjoy every day of "summer" that God gives me, by spending time outside and eating fresh, locally grown vegetables whenever I can. I am trying to remember to enjoy every day, rather than thinking about how much I dislike winter, and how soon it will be there. I don't want the dread of days to come to lessen the joy of today.

And I will think about what I do enjoy about winter . . . making soups and other "comfort" foods, having my family home at an early hour in the evening (it's hard to practice with the cattle in the dark!), drinking hot chocolate and looking forward to spring.

If you talk to me and I complain about the upcoming winter, please remind me that, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven . . . " and I'll go about a "winter" activity . . . preferably an activity that includes chocolate.

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