Wednesday, September 10, 2008

E-Mail from Vyckie

When I got home from work today (I work as a private-duty nurse a few days a week) I had an e-mail from Vyckie, the current (just for one more day!) owner of the NFT (Nebraska Family Times). Vyckie and I are meeting tomorrow for the "official" hand-over of the NFT. I am very greatful that Vyckie will be working with me and answering my questions for as long as I need her. Without her support and help I would not have taken on this venture! The learning curve was steep, but I'm confident I can continue the paper in the same tradition as Vyckie and her family . . . with the focus on family and conservative, Christian values.

Vyckie and I have talked about making a few changes in the paper; changes that will give readers more valuable (and fun!) information in every issue. I'll keep you updated on the changes as I make them.

Anyway, as I read through Vyckie's e-mail, I had to laugh a little bit. In the e-mail she answered several questions I'd had in my head and was meaning to ask her, and she listed some of the things I'd have to do for the "changeover"--and again, I'd been making the same list in my head! THANKS, VYCKIE! As I told her, our great minds think alike.

As I wrote in my first Editor's Letter, the newspaper is for you--the readers! If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please e-mail me at or comment here on the blog.

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